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​• In 2022, she did an audio editing work for an audio show from Montez Press Radio (NYC) featuring a chat with the artist Pedro Wirz and the musician Arto Lindsay. From then on, she began working sporadically as an art assistant for Pedro Wirz.


• In 2020, in partnership with the French film director based in Zurich, Georges Gachot, she did the soundtrack for the film "After you have gone"(2020), for the Kantha Bopha Hospital Foundation, in Cambodia, created by cellist and doctor Dr. Med Beat Richner.


• In 2018, also in partnership Georges Gachot, she did the soundtrack for the film "A matter of heart" (2018), for the Kantha Bopha Hospital Foundation, in Cambodia.


• In 2017 she did the audio (soundtrack, folley and sound design) for a 180 degrees projection film located at the opening room from Ekoa Park, an ecological park in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, located in Morretes, Brazil. She also created the soundtrack for the corridor of the senses, a plant-filled corridor that leads to the entrance to the trails in the same park.

• In 2015 she did an audio production course with a focus on electronic music and Ableton Live at the Centro Europeo in Curitiba, Brazil.


• Received an honorable mention in the 100 best Brazilian music albums of 2015 by the website Embrulhador with the album “Som de Parque”.


• In early 2015, released the album entitled “Som de Parque”, an album with own compositions.


• Did the soundtrack for the film “Janaína” (2013), by the film director Alice Riff.


• Did the soundtrack for the film “Diálogos” (2012) by the film director Alice Riff.


• From 2004 till 2014 she was guitarist, backing vocal and owner partner from the brazilian band and artistic production company “Samba de Rainha”. In this period, they released three albuns: Isso é Samba de Rainha (2006), Vivendo Samba (2008) and Contrariando a Regra (2010). They participated also from the English compilation "Samba", "O OuvidoVivo" and "O Astro", a mini-series from the network television Rede Globo.

The band did concerts in places and festivals such as: Auditorio Ibirapuera, Rede Sesc, Itaú Cultural, Virada Cultural, Citibank Hall, Feira Música Brasil, and corporate shows. The band also shared the stage with artists as Benito di Paula, Leci Brandão, Tia Surica da Portela, Marcelo D2, Jair Rodrigues, Paula Lima, Preta Gil and participated from television programs and radio shows like “Vozes do Brasil”, “Som Brasil”, “Senhor Brasil”, “Programa do Jô”, “Todo Seu”, among others.

Outside of Brazil, the band toured in Portugal and London and did some shows in Switzerland.


• In September 2012 she participated in the exhibition “Women That Make a Difference” in the United Nations in Geneva where she played with the band Samba de Rainha and did a speech about female empowerment.

• In 2012 she participated from the exhibition "10 anos sem vitória - o fracasso nunca subiu a minha cabeça" (10 years without victory - failure never went to my head) at Casa da Xiclet art gallery (São Paulo) with the sound installation "Poda criativa, foda criativa".

• In 2012 and 2012, did together with the Brazilian artist Bianca Kovach, the soundtrack played in sync with the fireworks for the New Year's Eve from the city of Fortaleza (CE).


• In 2011 did the soundtrack works for the theatre play “Sherazade”, directed by José Rubens Siqueira.


• Won the Catavento Award from Rádio Cultura with the album entitled “Vivendo Samba” (2008), own composition.


• From 2005 till 2006 she held part of the audiovisual group “Coletivo Virtual/ O.S. Beta”, with whom she performed at FILE (International Electronic Language Festival), MIS (Image and Sound Museum - São Paulo, Brazil), Nokia Trends, Skol Beats, and other festivals. The group performed live audio, video, and dance performances in sync with their own audio and video loops and loops sent by virtual participants.


• In 2005 she started to work with audio and visual programs such as Ableton Live, Logic, Photoshop, ArKaos and After Effects by doing an internship at the studio of the audio-visual artist Bill Meirelles, with whom she later formed the electronic music group Synthetic Project and later on the audio-visual group Coletivo Virtual .

She also helped to make the music video "Estudar pra quê" (2006), from the Brazilian band Pato Fu.


• In 2000 she started to play as DJ at parties, clubs and electronic festivals from São Paulo. 


• In 1998 she won the award for best composition with the song “Vida Ideal” at the annual music festival of the Brazilian Swiss School from São Paulo.


• Participated in the choral Marcelo Tupinambá, focused on Brazilian music, and the choral Mensageiro da Paz, focused on German classical music, madrigals, and cantatas.

About Me

I began studying music when I was little, with children's musicalization. Then I moved to flute and kantele, until I focused on guitar, which I began studying at the age of 14 at the Brazilian Swiss school from São Paulo. After leaving the school I continued taking private guitar lessons and later studied at the Souza Lima Conservatory. 


2020 - 2022

ESALQ/ Universidade de São Paulo


2015 - 2017

Universidade Positivo



Centro Europeu (Curitiba, Paraná)


2013 - 2014

Souza Lima Music Conservatory 

(São Paulo, Brazil)

1997 - 2000

Swiss School of São Paulo

 Digital Business

Gastronomy technology

Music Production - Centro Europeu (Curitiba, Brazil)

Audio production with a focus on electronic music & Ableton Live


Music Theory I and II, Musical Perception I and II, and Music History

High School

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