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abstract art

​sound design + soundtrack + sound edition + audio +sound installations + musical performances + shows + brazilian music + bossa nova

My name is Natali Spogis, also known as Naná Spogis.

I am a swiss-brazilian musician, composer and sound designer, I was born and raised in São Paulo and moved to Zurich in 2017. When talking about instrument, my speciality is playing bossa nova and samba in my guitar. I love to edit audio and do some crazy eletronic things on Ableton Live.

Sometimes I also dare to do some art and design works :)

I find it fascinating to record sounds, transform them into other things, work with effects, and also invent a sound from an idea or image. What sound do you imagine when you see a bird fly or a plant grow? How would the sun shine or a specific feeling sound like? 

Because of this passion, parallel to composing music, I started to do sountracks for films and working with sound design.

On the next pages I will present you my biography and you will find some videos and audios so you can learn a little bit about my work. Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoyed having the opportunity to have those experiences. I hope I can still do much more in the time to come, as working with audio and music is my great passion.

If you want to contact (or contract) me for some audio or music work, editing your podcast, playing bossa nova at your garden, doing an imersive sound installation or just helping tuning your guitar, just drop me a line and I will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting my website and hope to know about you soon!

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